First Experience in Wild Business World

I started the ’ adventure ’ of my business in the 2nd half , I happened to get in on the UI management majors . My soul tergolak see many new students will visit the UI Surgery . I started with a very simple , my day was straight to the ’ barrel ’ , looking for handyman pin . After surveying three places , I finally dapet the cheapest place . 1 pin costnya sktr 500-1000 for nose trimmer.

The next day my friend ‘s house who champion the design , he asked for my design , costnya ? He’s been quite happy with a free meal and costs Rp 50,000 . I was the production of 100 pieces and I used to sell diharga 5000/pin . I am sure that time will tetep behavior because my target market is hungry high school anak2 identity , let alone a moment of surgery campus . Sure enough , Alhamdulillah my pin sells.

The adventure continues , I began to dare for a little more ‘high’ . My t-shirt production . Its main strength is its unique design and intricate . Many convection that production could not because of its complexity . Finally I dapet convection in bandung . What I got out of capital at the beginning ? No , I just sell the design .

But that ‘s just my own way like selling pin ago , what could
produce something BIG ? . I ended up collecting two representatives in every faculty of my friends and make a semi- MLM agency system . In the end , almost every public place in the UI , inshaAllah there is at least 1 person is wearing my T-shirt production .

Semester 5 I open the conversation :

" 3 million may borrow money ga pa ? "

Yup , I borrowed money to the father of 3 million to purchase capital franchise ” Tela Krezz ” which at that time was booming . In the first valuable franchise cart 6jt , I join with one of the companions , I 3jt he 3jt . All went well , in less than 7 months I ‘ve wagon ’ birth ’ so 4 . But business is not always smooth , within the next 2 years , my wagon runs .